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EURO-static - electroconductive and antibacterial fibres and yarns based on PAC and PACM are the core products offered by the Europa NCT Sp z o.o. The antistatic coat is formed by copper sulphides and silver, which has got semiconductive properties and therefore make the whole polymer electroconductive.

  • PAC - polyacrylonitrile - level of resistance ~ 101 Ω x cm
  • PAC-M -flame retardant modacrylic - level of resistance ~ 102 Ω x cm
    • Colors: olive green, malachite green, navy blue, dark gray,
    • Available: staple, sliver, top, roving and yarns,
    • Thickness: from 3,3 dtx
    • The other options under request.


The carpet industry is the main purchaser of EURO-static electroconductive fibres. Even as small a content of EURO-static fibres as - 0,5-1,5% is enough to provide excellent antistatic properties to the whole carpet or covering.The product attains a surface voltage of ~ 0,1 kV, while the permissible value of 2 kV, and a through resistance of ~ 106Ω x cm. This effect is independent of humidity and remains unaffected by multiple washes and coverings or carpets themselves do not have to be earthed. Added to automotive or furniture upholstery, just like carpets, EURO-static fibres eliminate, the problem of static electricity, i.e. those annoying discharges perceptible particularly in winter at low humidity, as well as the discharges which are especially dangerous to sensitive electronic devices, e.g. computers, meters, and measuring devices.

In 1992 our company developed and patented the technology for manufacturing electromagnetic screens used for suppressing electromagnetic waves, in particular in buildings. The screens, with look like standard wallpaper, attenuate radiation in the range of:

  • 0,3 MHz ~ 65 dB
  • 1 MHz ~ 60 dB
  • 5 MHz ~ 45 dB
  • 18 MHz ~ 25 dB
  • 70 MHz-1GHz ~12-18 dB

Easy of applicability and low price make it possible to ensure protection of rooms that have not been protected thus far due to high costs of conventional screens (e.g. copper mesh). Our electroconductive fibres perfectly blends with other fibers.

From the end of 1998 - all electroconductive fibres and yarns EURO-static have antibacterial finishing. It gives new possibilities for application, from dry industrial filters to air conditioners for buildings or cars. We have performed tests confirming antibacterial properties on the following bacteria's strains:

  •  Staphylococcus aureus
  • Enterococcus faecalis

Main application of Euro-static electroconductive fibres and yarns:

  • face masks - Covid 19,
  • medical clothes,
  • carpets,
  • floor coverings,
  • automotive, airplane and furniture upholstery,
  • electromagnetic shields,
  • air / gas filters,
  • shielding of power and communication cables,
  • antistatic mats for computer and measurements stands,
  • working clothes,
  • air blankets,
  • antibacterial shoes inserts,
  • air conditioning equipment,
  • filters for vacuum cleaner,
  • brushes,
  • clothes with heating elements,
  • antistatic wipers for dust,
  • antistatic package for electronic and computer elements,
  • bags for air parcels,
  • antistatic addition for PP big-bags,
  • conveyers belts,
  • magnetic additions for paper,
  • military application,
  • antistatic gloves.



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